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Røldal Part I — There, But Not Back Again

Blue Mountains, Røldal, Norway
Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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| April 26, 2019

It’s early, and I’m alone.

Soon I’ll be on the road, alone for a couple of hours first, then my old time friend Asbjørn will join me for the remaining 6’ish hours till we’re at his cabin.

It is time for the Røldal cabin trip, something I’m hoping will turn into a yearly tradition. It is an 8 hours drive today, but if we didn’t have to deliver a car on the way, it would take us only around 6.

As you have probably noticed if you’re a road worn roadtripper — six hours behind the wheel in good company is nothing.

If you know little about the Norwegian West Coast mountains, let this be your introduction. We’ll be heading slowly into unexplored territory, and derail from the tourist trails by the time this Adventure Story comes to and end.

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The call of the wild

Roadtrip Røldal
The road to Røldal lies before us. Mountains lit in the far distance.

Those mountains in the distance are beckoning. They’re calling me to come to them, take a break from routines and gain some elevation. Hear the creeks call, and let the silence spur forth new vision and strength and invite to new conversations with my maker.

I don’t think one should put too much stock in the mountainous experiences though. I 100% believe true joy is found in enjoying every day life, working with something you like and investing in friendships. Something that takes time, if not necessarily effort. Also forgiveness, thankfulness, healthy eating, all that boring stuff that pays off so tremendously.

It is maybe not very poetic, but when the mountain’s beckoning call becomes too strong, I try to eat better, exercise, speak positive, practice thankfulness, take time off and hang with friends, pray – whatever I find that I lack. Then after I am a happy healthy human being again, it is way easier to actually enjoy the mountains when I’m there.

Also, road tripping and investing time with friends go hand in hand. The constant forward motion feeds my restlessness while the rest of me is focused enough for deep conversations.

I love the road. And the views that start flying by as we near the highest point of the trip.


After crossing the mountains during a muted but gorgeous sunset, at last we arrive. Under the ever present, mist covered, looming mountains, a small red cabin stands ready to host us through a series of hiking days to come.⁣

There is no water or electricity, so we are going to read by candles, and fetch water from the nearby clear blue lake. A true disconnected experience awaits us.

Røldal Cabin

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Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Published on April 26, 2019 in Adventure Stories
Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.