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Mount Cook to Milford Sound — A New Zealand Road Trip

Morten Furre
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| January 24, 2020

My name is Morten and I’m a hobby photographer living in Sydney, Australia. In this Adventure Story I want to share three of my favorite moments from my road trip around New Zealand earlier this year

First stop: Mount Cook

First stop is Mount Cook. A drive through a valley and a small trek up a hill and we get to the glacier lake. Mount Cook blew my mind, but turning around and seeing the valley we drove through to get there took it to the next level. I love it when nature just shows off like this.

Second stop: Irresistibly misty waterfalls

Destination #2 is on the road to one of our main destinations of the trip, Milford Sound. The weather was quite sporadic, but that usually just means 10 minutes of great photo opportunities.

The drives in New Zealand takes you from the mountain tops to the valleys, and usually that also means beautiful waterfalls. Is it really a proper road trip if your estimated time of arrival didn’t keep getting pushed back because you can’t help but stop and explore?

Arrival at Milford Sound

Destination #3 is Milford Sound. It was a long and winding road to get there, but it was definitely worth it.

Lighting does the job.

Taking photos on trips like this, good lighting is what makes your photos, not necessarily good weather (although the two often go hand in hand).

I’m usually more comfortable behind the camera, not in front, but this last shot [below] covers both. My wife took this photo with her phone, and it is probably one of my favorites from the trip because of the lighting. And that’s it! Thanks for joining me on memory lane through New Zealand!

Proper creds & stuff

The photos where Morten is in fram, are all taken by his wife & partner in crime Janneke.

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Written by Morten Furre
Published on January 24, 2020 in Adventure Stories
Video Editor, living in Sydney, Australia!