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Privacy (or the Lack of it)

Heads up — we are tracking as much information about you as we possibly can. However, we are not using it for anything else than improving our site’s experience, and we ask your permission as often as we can.


Signing up to our newsletter is 100% voluntary. We leave the checkbox unchecked by default, so you will never feel tricked into signing up. If you do sign up, we will only use your email for our newsletter, and should we ever need it for something else, we will ask first.


We do everything in our power to track what you do on our site. We want to reach out to people that want to buy our products (this should not come as a shock), and this is done by tracking and analyzing the sort of traffic that comes to our site, so we can reach out to like minded people across the globe.

We use the Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, and Hotjar for tracking purposes.