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Besseggen Part I — The Road Goes Ever On and On

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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| October 11, 2018

There are still times and things that make me run around and jump up and down like a little child. One of these things is road trips. Another is good photography light. When these two combine, the road trips tend to turn into small leaps between all the places we have to stop.

I was invited along with a small crew of three on a road trip. The goal was to be Besseggen, a very popular Norwegian hike. Starting with a train ride from Stockholm to my friend’s house in Norway, we were supposed to continue on a three hour road trip.

It did not take three hours.

The reason: Too much good light!

Photographing the sunset.
Photographing the photographer photographing the light.
Golden hour photos.
Golden hour.

Lucky for me, I was not the only one interested in running around with the camera. My one Swiss friend turned out to be as intense as me. Something we confirmed later when we chased a moose (first one he ever saw) into the forest to snatch a photo.


I already warned the others that I might put red caps on their heads and take photos to put on my Instagram. The nice thing this is that most of my friends love the idea of Red Hat Factory, and are both encouraging and more than willing to model every now and then.

Huge thanks to all of you!

Red knit cap, beanie, or hat.
Swiss bliss.
Red beanie.
Blurry background layers!


Norwegian roads are winding, and behind every bend there is a new opportunity. Something that turned this road trip from about three hours to five/six-ish hours. But those were good hours.

While some of us ran around snatching photos, others were practicing the art of tereré.

If you haven’t heard about tereré, this is the time for you to be woke.

Tereré, the tea of champions.
Friends from Paraguay introduced me to it!

First you fill up your cup with the necessary leaves & herbs straight from a bag — or as this guy did, you can go pick some nettles with your bare hands and add it to the mix. Warning: Not for the soft handed.

When the cup is full you drench it in cold water, insert the gem-encrusted metal straw, and then the cup rotates among family.

Pro tip: If a Paraguayan shares his cup of tereré it is an act of self-sacrifice and invitation into his or her family. Consider it a major honor.

Rookie mistake warning: If you say thanks, you will not be included in the coming rounds, because thanks means that’s enough mate. (Pun not intended, and only some gonna get it ?)


Road trips are what road trips are. Kilometer after kilometer of pure asphalt, sprinkled with amazing views, great conversations, snacks, laughs, confrontations, tereré, fierce discussions, and good old Windows XP’s default background image showing up beside the road.


Windows default background image.
Windows default background image.

Drop the photo bomb

There’s not much more to say about the trip, but I’m going to drop a few pictures on you, so you see that moose, Troll Hill, and more goodies, and thus come along for the rest of the trip.

Part II will come out soon.

All the pictures are, and will continue for part two, to be gathered under #rhfhikesbesseggen on our Insta, and there are more pictures than in this article.

Also, all our Adventure Story pictures are found under the hashtag #rhfadventurestories.

Here comes some more for you.

Tereré drinking.
This is how tereré should be drunk. Backlit by the golden hour sunset. Notice the mountain in the background.
Norwegian mountain.
Well hello there Mountain, nice too meet you. Mind if I totally photograph you all over?
Mountains in sunset.
Some views are simply too good to…
Mountains, roads and sunsets.
…pass by without shooting them from several angles.
Moose in Norwegian forest.
Here’s that moose, trying his or her best to hide.
Layers of Norwegian mountains.
Right before the sun set, the lights and layers were unbelievable.

Stick around and follow us as we move from road tripping to the hike itself — the infamous Besseggen.

To be continued.

Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Published on October 11, 2018 in Adventure Stories
Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.