2021's Best Outdoors Giveaway — Grease Point Workwear, Misc. Goods Co., VSSL, Hikers Brew, WESN, Sarva, Red Hat Factory | Red Hat Factory

2021’s Best Outdoors Giveaway — Grease Point Workwear, Misc. Goods Co., VSSL, Hikers Brew, WESN, Sarva, Red Hat Factory

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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| December 13, 2021

Normally I wouldn’t go straight up and call our giveaway the best there is, but this time, it’s not only us.

This giveaway has ended.

Together with a bunch of brands thsat we love, and that we think you’ll love too, we put together the Norwegian West Coast Explorer Giveaway.

Run time: 1st of December 2021, to 1st of January 2022.
Value: 800$.

Wool Shirt from Sarva — straight outta Sweden

Legendary Swedish family brand Sarva. Careful crafter of clothing locally made in Sweden. The name Sarva comes from the indigenous Sámi language.

The Henry — a slip joint pocket knife from WESN

WESN is our partner in hosting this giveaway, and we got to pick our most rugged, classic favorite — the Henry. A knife inspired by WESN’s own Swedish grandpa.

VSSL JAVA — a coffee grinder for the trails

Sleek is the first word that comes to mind with VSSL. Beyond the clean lines and absolute minimalism, there is a very human core and an obvious obsession with product design. It shows.

VSSL have a sweet origin story to share with the world.

Grease Point Workwear — providing a tote bag and a handkerfchief

Shaped by a farm-life upbringing, Amos and his crew at Grease Point Workwear create by the mantra of beautiful, functional, and enduring.

Read their story in their own words here.

Our own Westcoaster hand knit wool beanie

This entire giveaway is hosted by us as a part of the release of our new beanie model, the Westcoaster — inspired by the fjord-ridden Norwegian West Coast. That is why the giveaway is entitled: The Norwegian West Coast Fjord Explorer.

The Red Hat Factory Westcoaster.

A sleek leather wallet from Misc. Goods Co.

Dedicated to the wholesome task of providing the world with goodness, Misc. Goods Co produce good goods. Simple and clean.

Misc. Goods Co.’s origin story, is a great read!

Whole beans from Hikers Brew

Hikers Brew is exactly what it sounds like — coffee, roasted, packaged and branded with the hiker in mind… Or in this case, The Norwegian Fjord Explorer.

The entire giveaway

The Norwegian West Coast Fjord Explorer giveaway.

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Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Published on December 13, 2021 in News Reel
Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.