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What to Wear in the Summer Rain

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Category: Beanies and Style Beanies and Style
| April 28, 2022

When the rain is such that you don’t see the need to carry full rain gear, it’s great to have something versatile. A wool beanie stays warm in the rain, and handles the light summer drizzle perfectly.

A beanie tested in the Norwegian summer rain

The weather in Norway, along with all the other Nordic, coast-long countries is always shifting. A hike might not be in the rain, but you never know if rain will pay a short visit as it passes by (probably on its way to Bergen — but that’s another story).

The reason Norwegians love wool is because it keeps you insulated even when wet. So for the misty moist mountain trips (yeah, that sounds nasty, I know), or a shifting summer day with a risk of drizzle, we could simply not come up with anything better than a wool beanie.

The perfect beanie hat for the rain

Mist, moist, rain — one beanie hat to cover them all

Norwegians also very commonly wear wool underwear through cold winters. The reason it works so well is that wool draws moisture away from your body at the fibre level. Meaning that even when you grind the wool down to thin layers of fabric, it keeps this feature.

So whether it’s a light summer rain, moisture from sweat or mist, the wool does the job fantastically.

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Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Published on April 28, 2022 in Beanies and Style
Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.