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4 Hand Knit Wool Beanies You Need to Know About

Benjamin Antoni Andersen
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| February 28, 2023

Hand knit wool beanies. That is the one thing our brand centers around, and here are four handmade beanies you need to know about.

1. Our most classic hand knit wool beanie

The Southlander was made to be a clean classic using high quality wool. Inspired by icons such as Jacques Cousteau, and his fictive derivative Steve Zissou, we’ve made the red model a cornerstone in our beanie collection. But it does come in other colors as well.

With over 650 Southlanders sold (2600 knitting hours for our Norwegian ladies) to over 40 countries and 43 American states, we can safely say that the Southlander is our best seller. [At the time of writing.]

It is slow fashion at its best. We estimate 4 hours of knitting per piece, and it is knit using a classic rib-knitting technique. Nothing new, nothing fancy, just high quality material, and age old skills at work.

Mixing the wool with 20% nylon was a deliberate choice, as it allows this beanie to be more of an all-round beanie, a bit thinner and cooler than 100% wool thread (as you’ll see on the next model below).

As with all our beanies, we ship for free worldwide, and you have a 60 day window to return it in case you don’t like it.

2. The most natural hand knit beanie we have

The Westcoaster is pretty new, but our people have loved it.

It is grittier than the Southlander. It is knit with two threads of 100% sheep wool. And like all our products, it is knit in slow fashion, on the Norwegian South Coast.

The double-thread knitting technique allows for some rough patterns you might not have seen before. And this also makes this a pure winter beanie. Do not expect to wear the Westcoaster on your office — it is an outdoor model, suitable for the cool of spring or fall, all the way into the depths of winter.

For the release of this hand knit wool beanie, we made a video as well.

It comes with a longer version, for those who want to make sure their ears can be covered by a solid double fold. This is the Westcoaster Arctic Circle.

3. The pointiest hand knit wool beanie you’ve ever seen

When we made our Southlander, we branched out to a second model, spurred by my Steve Zissou loving brother in law. It’s also a four hour knit, and the only difference from it’s ancestor the Southlander is that it ends in a tip.

It’s name was shaped by the pointy mountains found in the North of Norway, where we vacationed when this model was being brought to life.

4. The 1997 — A taste of our leftover knit collection

While it’s cool to hand knit beanies the old fashioned way, it’s even cooler to use the leftover yarn from our basic knits to create multi color wonders.

The 1997 is a beanie knit with leftover yarn, but it is not the only one we have. The collection called Mom’s Market, features a bunch of hand knit beanies that are either special lower-volume creations, or leftover knits like this one.

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Written by Benjamin Antoni Andersen
Published on February 28, 2023 in Beanies and Style
Designer and instigator of Red Hat Factory, constantly hungry for mountainous adventures.